Thursday, May 20, 2010


Nytimes Article: click here 1993
Angels In America
This was a positive article. It looks like the writer enjoyed the play. This article was in the 90s so it reflects what was the issues at that time. The play portrayed the issues that were at that time. In the article it is explaining the plot of the play. It is also giving some examples of the religious references the writer of the play had, like the mormon and jewish beliefs being incorporated in the "gay phenomenon". The writer of the play was Tony Kushner. He also stated how both men who was diagnosed with aids were going through their experience of knowing their death is near. This effected their views of their own future. Something very complex because it goes from dream, with in dream, with in hallucination. Also in the article it demonstrates how the two couples; one gay and one heterosexual, were intersected. In the play their is a "small world" effect but portrayed very beautifully. The article is giving good reviews and encouraging people to go watch the play once it hits broadway.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Bonus Post.

Before going to 5 pointz I had no idea that graffiti even had a place. I've heard and even seen graffiti artists' but I always thought that they were artists' on the run. What I mean is that they don't have a studio, they don't even have a canvas. They have the buildings and walls of NYC. So I never saw something like 5 pointz. I thought it was very cool to see a place that appreciated what they did. I feel like its a positive place where graffiti artists' don't have to worry about getting caught and can just focus on their art work. I thought it was very cool to see all the different types of art they had. You can see that no artist is the same they don't even have the same type of styles. Just like the artist who uses paint, graffiti artists' have their own aesthetic. 

It is also very cool that you can see the art from the train. This is a great example of public art. In the matter of the art being political its a bit different. I feel that anyone being able to see the artwork from the train makes it political. The reason why is because graffiti artists get arrested for doing their work. Then the law officials paint over the work like it  never existed. At 5 pointz they are publicizing it. Making it known that it is allowed there. I believe they are fighting the system in their own way. Something very positive. I have seen murals and seen graffiti but here u can see the workmanship because they had time to focus on it. You can see the difference from a rushed scared art piece to the calm collective style at 5 pointz. I enjoyed my visit. 

Monday, May 17, 2010

Essay #3 Topic

For essay #3 I will be writing about the film, "Angels In America". To give a brief synopsis of the film, its about the relationships between a lot of characters. Its during the period when being gay was something that was done, but very discreetly. It was something that was frowned upon in society. But the story takes place when the AIDS virus is at its peak, especially in the gay community. This was one of the reasons people started to rebel against them. It was even considered the "gay disease". The reason I chose this is because in class we didn't get a chance to cover much on gay rights and I wanted to get more into the issues or at least where they came from. Also this was a play before it became a film and it was a very creative and a well made. It was something that I have seen before and felt it was appropriate to emphasize on it for this assignment. Hope you will enjoy... :)  

Blog 5

Blog post #5

"The Revolution Will Not Be Televised" 

This poem points us towards the idea that a revolution is approaching. The revolution is being set back and even disguised so people dont get involved. People are watching things on tv that they use for entertainment. Instead of being outdoors making things happen. They are all inside watching what the "man" wants them to. The Revolution is something that people need to be part of and by staying home you cant do so. I believe that Heron uses the modern language. Slang and even pop culture. He uses words and phrases that people that were living in that time would understand and even relate to it . I believe he used this type of motif because he wants something that can be effective. If people are spoken in terms that they are most comfortable in they can actually listen. If they dont understand what they are being told, why would they even care to make a difference. I believe the language is just as important or even more than the performance. Without styling those words it wont have the effect that it did. Or even sound as Powerful as it does. He is commanding attention with a cause. 

Friday, April 9, 2010

Blog 4 (part 2)

Nikki Rosa
"Nikki-Rosa" by Nikki Giovanni is about her life story. Its mostly focused on her childhood. She is expressing all the harm that has been done to her while growing up. According to the white person this was harm but she didn't see it that way. While the white folk would have pity on her she is expressing that she wouldn't have it any other way. She believes that wealth isn't happiness. Family is happiness, the bond within the family is worth more than money. But its just not any family its a "black family" or as she stated "black love". I believe it could've been political art because she is comparing the white aesthetic to the black aesthetic. The white would need the wealth, while she enjoyed her childhood even though she wasn't rich. But I don't think its literally about money I think its about that sense of content. She is happy that she was able to live her culture and didn't have to give in to the white way of life. She believes that "black love" is wealth. She is happy to be black because she has a different lifestyle and a different way of thinking. This relates to Neal's manifesto because he is stressing the fact that you need to destroy the white way of thinking and way of life. He wants a black artist to embrace their heritage. He believed that black artists should start researching their background and demonstrate it so the black community could be proud of their culture, rather than trying to be the white man.Giovanni embraces her culture and wouldn't change it. It seems like she pities the white folk because they cant never experience the real wealth which is "black love"

Blog post 3

"The Black Arts Movement"
Larry Neal's Manifesto was very interesting. He believed that they needed a "Black aesthetic" in order to progress. He felt that a black artist could not be successful if they don't look into their roots. They have to let go of the white America way of thinking. They need to absorb their culture, understand it, and start expressing it no matter the consequence. He sees that politics has a lot to do with this because if they keep feeding the white audience what they want they could still be superior to the black community. Also theaters were shut down by organizations because too much "black aesthetic" was being demonstrated. He believed that if people didn't expose their culture and embrace it then their culture will diminish. This was published in the summer of 1968. This was a very important year especially to the black community. In the Olympics two black athletes won. They saluted with the signature "power to the people" wearing black gloves when they were at the podium receiving their medals. Also JFK was murdered. Most believed it was because he was for the black community. After all that was accomplished their still was animosity towards the black community. This could've been a huge influence on Neal because he felt that enough was enough. Black artists should practice black art and stop trying to please the white man. 

Blog 4 (part 1)

Yesterday I had the opportunity to attend the read-a-thon. Its the first time that I went to any student activity on campus. I have to say it was the most perfect weather to be outside and listen to poetry. Many people read stories and poems. I realized that people had many different styles. Some were serious and dramatic, while others had a sense of humor and even sexual. If Im not mistaken their was a poem someone read called "The Sexual Kitchen" he compared sex to a salad, well actually he disguised sex as a salad. It was somewhat graphic but when you sit back and imagine a salad it mad complete sense. Also I realized that people, even myself automatically assumed that poems have to rhyme. Now I know that poems are expressed differently. Someone can write a poem about anything. I heard a poem about grapes. Poems don't even have to make sense directly I noticed that just like painters, words could be abstract as well. I never sat at the courtyard in school. It was nice to just sit, relax, and listen to people read their own pieces of work or pieces of work that means something to them. I enjoyed the experience it was very refreshing. I enjoyed the read-a-thon and I would recommend it to anyone.