Thursday, May 20, 2010


Nytimes Article: click here 1993
Angels In America
This was a positive article. It looks like the writer enjoyed the play. This article was in the 90s so it reflects what was the issues at that time. The play portrayed the issues that were at that time. In the article it is explaining the plot of the play. It is also giving some examples of the religious references the writer of the play had, like the mormon and jewish beliefs being incorporated in the "gay phenomenon". The writer of the play was Tony Kushner. He also stated how both men who was diagnosed with aids were going through their experience of knowing their death is near. This effected their views of their own future. Something very complex because it goes from dream, with in dream, with in hallucination. Also in the article it demonstrates how the two couples; one gay and one heterosexual, were intersected. In the play their is a "small world" effect but portrayed very beautifully. The article is giving good reviews and encouraging people to go watch the play once it hits broadway.


  1. A good start - I think for this play you want some sources about the background of the AIDS epidemic in the Reagen era (the time portrayed in the play although he was no longer president by the time it was written) - a book chapter might be helpful with this. See if you can find Randy Shilt's "And the Band Played On" I also lent some sources that might be helpful to Lubov if you want to touch base with her.

  2. Also - following up on your earlier post and in connection with the question of the closet - certainly, many people were still closeted in this period - as with Roy Cohen, in connection to that great speech we discussed - but we're also looking at a period of backlash - people were worried that AIDS would undo the gains of the movement from the 70s and oush people back into the closet.